Product safety and supply chain traceability increasingly important to customers


At the beginning of the year, Algol Chemicals announced its short-term responsibility targets for 2022-2024 in line with its new strategy. The targets are based on a survey conducted in the company that clarified the most important aspects of corporate responsibility work for customers and other stakeholders. According to the results of this survey, product safety and supply chain traceability, among others, have become increasingly important to customers.

“By taking actions in line with our targets, we are better able to ensure safety and responsibility in all our operations. Our target-based promotion of responsibility also meets the expectations of our stakeholders,” says Kalle Kettunen, CEO of Algol Chemicals.

The company’s responsibility targets for the next few years focus on such areas as product safety and supply chain responsibility.

“Our supply chain extends from purchases to product packaging and transportation. We need to constantly ensure that the products we deliver are not only safe to use but also to handle and transport,” Kettunen adds.

In order to guarantee product safety and regulatory compliance, the company systematically collects information and product documentation. For example, REACH regulations for chemical products, as well as packaging and food regulations, play a key role in this work.

New process to support the selection of suppliers

During 2021, a new supplier evaluation process was introduced together with our Supplier Code of Business Conduct. These aim to ensure the responsibility of the entire supply chain. The process supports the selection of suppliers that meet the responsibility requirements of our customers.

“We have updated our partnership process and now require increasingly comprehensive accountability from all our new partners. We also require existing suppliers and subcontractors to commit not only to our Code of Conduct but also to our values of accountability, collaboration and development. In this way, we can offer our customers products and services that meet their responsibility requirements,” Kettunen explains.

Algol Chemicals will conduct an annual review of its responsibility targets and report on them on its website: www.algolchemicals.com/company/corporate-responsibility

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