Data protection

At Algol Group, we are committed to protecting the privacy of the users of our services. We process personal data appropriately and only to the extent that it is necessary for our operations. The data processing methods are based on the EU General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679) and the Data Protection Act (1050/2018).

In this statement, we explain how we process your personal data in our various registers. We update the privacy statements if necessary and mark the change date in the statement. If the changes are significant, we can also inform you about them in another way, such as by e-mail or by announcing it on our website. We recommend that you visit our website regularly and take note of any changes.

If you have questions about our processing of personal data after reading our statement, please get in touch.

The privacy statements of Algol Group's personal data registers

1. Websites
2. Customer newsletter system

1. Websites

The privacy statement applies to the following websites of Algol Group companies:

Algol Oy (www.algol.fi) – Algol Chemicals Oy (www.algolchemicals.fi) – Algol Diagnostics Oy (www.algoldiagnostics.fi) – Algol Technics Oy (www.algoltechnics.fi) – Algol Trehab Oy (www.algoltrehab .fi).

Browsing the website does not require registration. We only ask for your personal information when you send us inquiries or feedback through the forms on the website.

In the forms, we ask for your name, company, phone number and/or email address. The information you send in the forms is protected. The data is stored on the server for six months after receiving the form.

The information provided for managing the customer relationship is stored for the duration of the customer relationship, for example in the customer register (CRM).

Personal data is also collected, e.g., in connection with registrations (with the Webropol form). The data is only processed for that purpose.

Cookie Policy

The websites of the companies belonging to the Algol Group use cookies. With the help of cookies, we collect statistical information about the users of our sites. This information is primarily used to analyze and develop the use of our sites. All collected information is anonymous and cannot be linked to individual users. Get to know how cookies work and the cookies we use.

Read information about cookies.

2. Customer register and customer newsletter system

1. Data registrar

Algol Oy
PL 13, 02611 Espoo

2. Contact person in matters concerning the registers

Tor Edgren, Group Corporate Responsibility Manager
Email: gdpr@algol.fi

3. Register name

Algol Group's customer, stakeholder, supplier and marketing register. In the register, the data of the Registrant's customers, potential customers and representatives of other stakeholders are processed as described below.

4. Collected data

The register may contain following information:

name, e-mail, telephone number, title, job role or position in the company, company/organization and its contact information, classification information provided by the individual and generally available classification information, order, invoicing and delivery information, information on products and services that have been ordered or are in the offer stage and expressed as interests, including their changes, information collected through cookies, information collected by the site and the marketing platform in use, information collected by the newsletter tool, registration and participation information collected from events and surveys (name, identifiable information including possible dietary information) and other transmitted information, possible information prohibiting direct marketing, data collected from social media channels, information about the device used by the individual, such as device type, browser, IP address and other device data, as well as any other data collected with the consent of the individual.

The data is necessary for the use they are intended.

5. Purpose and basis of processing personal data

The controller processes personal data for the following purposes:

  • For handling and managing business-related customer and stakeholder relations and contracts.
  • To maintain and develop customer and stakeholder relations.
  • For customer communication and marketing.
  • To fulfill the rights and obligations of the registered and the Registrar.
  • For purposes related to online services and for analyzing customer and stakeholder relationships as well as the use of services and products, providing and developing services, identifying customers and registered users and statistics in the services.
  • To fulfill the legal obligations of the controller.

The controller's legal grounds for processing personal data according to the EU General Data Protection Regulation are:

  • Consent of the registrant
  • Agreements related to the customer relationship
  • Legitimate interest of the data controller
  • Statutory requirements

The analytics of the publishing system we use for customer communication and marketing collects information for the development of services. The information collected by the system is:

  • time to open messages
  • link clicks and times.

The receipt of marketing messages can be canceled by notifying the data controller or by clicking on the cancellation option associated with each marketing message, in which case the data subject's data will be deleted from the data controller's electronic direct marketing subscriber list.