Algol Chemicals begins representing The Compound Company


Algol Chemicals has begun representing The Compound Company from the Netherlands, which manufactures and supplies e.g. additives that are used in the production of plastic compounds and plastic recycling. TCC's products optimize the bonding and improve the blend morphology (dispersion).

Typically, these products are used in polymer blending, PE/PA and PP/PA recyclates, glass fibre reinforced compounds, natural fibre reinforced compounds and carbon fibre reinforced compounds, as well as in the mixture of fibres in reinforced compounds.

TCC’s additives offer numerous benefits, such as better processability and fewer volatile organic compounds. In addition, they can be used to reduce both costs and energy consumption in manufacturing.

Algol Chemicals serves as the distributor of TCC’s products in Finland, Scandinavia, the Baltic countries, Belarus and Ukraine. In addition, the company helps customers select the most suitable TCC product for their processes.

The Compound Company impressed Algol Chemicals with its expertise and can-do attitude. The companies are very pleased on both sides to be working together.

The Compound Company

The Compound Company develops and manufactures compounds that are widely used in numerous application areas and industries. The Compound Company is headquartered in Enschede, Netherlands. www.thecompoundcompany.com

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