Huollon ja kunnossapidon ulkoistaminen tuo säästöjä

In-house service and maintenance departments require expertise above all else. When building service and maintenance operations, companies must consider whether they are able to provide expertise in all the necessary aspects of service and maintenance.


An effective service and maintenance organisation must have processes in place to cover a wide range of areas: preventive maintenance, fault repairs, emergency repairs outside business hours, spare parts and many others.

According to Algol Technics’ Jani Peltonen, Head of Service Sales & Key Accounts, and Arto Pippuri, Head of On-site & Service Operations, outsourcing offers many advantages.

“Buying services from a supplier like Algol Technics is an easy solution, as clients get the expertise they need in a ready package. Each service package includes the exact services that have been agreed with the client, and all relevant standards are taken into consideration when providing the services. In addition, all activities are reported and these reports are discussed together with the client,” Pippuri says.

Outsourcing offers career opportunities for employees

Often, a company’s management will be concerned about the future of its employees should they transfer to the payrolls of another employer, but with Algol Technics there is no cause for concern. Of all the service and maintenance professionals that have transferred to Algol Technics, 98 percent have remained with the new employer, which demonstrates their job satisfaction.

“Based on our experience, those who have transferred to Algol Technics have been satisfied with joining a company and community that prioritises service and maintenance. They also receive further training, so outsourcing is an opportunity for them to learn new things and advance their careers,” Pippuri and Peltonen explain.

Savings generated by clear processes

Financial considerations are naturally important when planning to outsource. What do clients get for their money, and is outsourcing less expensive than running their own service and maintenance departments?

“Savings are generated by the fact that we are able to guarantee availability, lead times and reliability. We at Algol Technics have processes and procedures in place that clarify all the work that needs to be done. Rationalising activities and eliminating waste can generate significant savings for clients,” Peltonen says.


An external partner like Algol Technics can provide clients with additional safeguards. If a fault arises at the factory, additional resources can be counted on rapidly. Expertise is not in the hands of just a single person, as the service provider takes responsibility for ensuring that all necessary services are delivered.

Partial outsourcing is also possible

There are certain situations in which outsourcing all service and maintenance operations may not be ideal. Before outsourcing, the current condition of machinery and equipment is determined along with the desired targets. This can lead to the conclusion that certain aspects of service and maintenance should remain part of the client’s core operations.

“Clients can still outsource internal logistics or outgoing logistics, for example. The most effective model in many cases is to outsource only certain activities,” Pippuri and Peltonen confirm. 

Jani Peltonen
Head of Service Sales & Key Accounts 
Algol Technics Oy

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