Financial responsibility

By operating profitably we create the foundation for the continued operations of our company, its financial independence and the wellbeing of all employees. Risk management is an integral part of financial responsibility and a vital aspect of our business management.

We continuously monitor risks and threats in all our business operations in order to achieve our targets and ensure the continuity of our operations.


Key figures20192018
Net sales M€164.6177.6
Financial result M€-0.6-1.5
Investments M€ 2.72.0
Non-current assets M€20.920.8
Current assets M€47.962.6
Finished goods M€20.820.1
Receivables M€24.937.7
Cash and bank balancies M€2.14.8
Shareholder's equity M€23.424.5
Interest bearing debt M€15.925.1
Non-interest bearing debt M€27.832.9
Total assets M€68.883.4
Quick ratio0.70.9
Current ratio1.41.5
Solidity %36.633.5
Number of personnel on average454408
Number of employees in Finland329285