Algol Group structure


The Group comprises six business units: Algol Chemicals, Algol Diagnostics, Algol Technics, Algol Trehab, Histolab Products and Suomen Unipol (ownership 74 %). 

The Board of Directors of the parent company Algol Oy is responsible for the governance of the entire Group and the appropriate organisation of its operations. The Board focuses on issues related to its ownership strategy, financing and the use of Group resources.

The parent company is also responsible for the Group’s shared functions. These include, for example, financial administration, property management, ICT, corporate responsibility, the Group’s internal and external communications, and the Algol brand.

The implementation of good corporate governance at Algol is supported by the Group’s Code of Business Conduct.


Algol is a Finnish family business. The Bargum family owns 100% of all company shares. The three largest shareholders own 98% of the shares.  



Group management

Executive Board

Alexander Bargum
Managing Director,Algol Oy, Chairman

Joakim Flinck
CFO, Algol Oy

Eija Holmström
Director, HR, Comms & Corp. Responsibility, Algol Oy

Olof Jenefeldt
Managing Director, Histolab Products AB

Juha Jokinen 
Managing Director, Algol Chemicals Oy

Sauli Mäntylä
Managing Director, Algol Technics Oy

Arto Peterzens
ICT Director, Algol Oy

Johan Wulff
Managing Director, Algol Diagnostics Oy, Algol Trehab Oy

Supervisory Board

Martin Granholm

M.Sc(Eng.), D.Sc.(Tech.), h.c, Chairman

Alexander Bargum

Johannes Bargum

Magnus Bargum
M.Sc.(Econ.), D.Sc.(Econ.), h.c.

Kaj Hedvall
D.Sc.(Econ.), M.Sc.(Tech.)

Kenneth Nystén
B.Sc. (Econ.), MBA