Third place for Algol in Responsible Summer Job 2018 competition



The results of the Most Responsible Summer Job 2018 competition are based on a survey of summer employees, who rated the employer on the basis of the application process, introduction and guidance, the meaningfulness of the work, and fairness and equality.

The competition is part of the Responsible Summer Job campaign among employers in Finland. Päivi Salminen-Kultanen, Project Manager, explains the grounds for awarding third place to Algol.

“Algol’s overall summer job experience was ranked third best among large companies, not least due to its excellent application experience, which was the best in its category. The fair treatment of summer employees was also ranked higher than average. All other areas were rated positively as well.”

Educational and refreshing for the work community

Algol participated in the Responsible Summer Job campaign for the first time in 2017. Placing third in just our second year is an excellent achievement. According to Eija Holmström, Director, HR & Communications & Responsibility, for the Algol Group, the first year was spent becoming familiar with the campaign and learning from the highest ranked employers.

“Social responsibility is challenging companies in many areas. One task of responsibility is to help young people find suitable employment after completing their studies in a specific field. Meaningful summer jobs make it easier for young people to enter the labour market and become successful citizens within their chosen professions. At the same time, it is educational and refreshing for the work community, as students bring new ideas and work methods, as well as a sense of excitement and enthusiasm, to established ways of doing things and team dynamics.”

Marjo Keravuori, HR Specialist at Algol, is delighted with third place and especially that Algol has been successful in offering young people meaningful jobs and work experience this summer.

“Summer employees are an important resource for us and provide real added value to our work community. We have been fortunate again to have had such active trainees with so much self-initiative this summer. It’s been great to see how our managers and employees have made space in their workdays for our young trainees to learn in and gain new skills at the start of their careers.”

The Algol Group hired 13 summer employees in four locations this year. The trainees worked in the areas of financial administration, HR, communications and marketing, HSEQ, logistics, and operations and maintenance.

Watch a video made by summer employees at our head office in Espoo. 

Responsible Summer Job campaign

The Responsible Summer Job campaign challenges employers to offer young people between the ages of 14 and 29 more summer jobs of better quality. Over 400 Finnish employers are already participating in the campaign. The Responsible Summer Job competition is held each year to find the best summer job employers in Finland. Of the 459 companies engaged in the campaign, 128 participated in the competition this year, and they were ranked by 7790 summer employees.