Safety walk target achieved by Algol Chemicals in 2021


The safety walk target set for Algol Chemicals was achieved in 2021. The target was to organise 28 safety walks, and this was exceeded by two. Safety walks are important not only for identifying areas for improvement but also for raising safety awareness.

The Algol Group also has an online Granite risk management system that enables employees to report their own safety observations. In this way, safety risks can be anticipated before accidents occur. Most of the safety observations in 2021 were made during safety walks, and only a few separate reports were submitted to Granite for Algol Chemicals.

Eleven safety drills were also conducted in 2021, which is three less than the target. Two accidents were recorded in the company, as a result of which immediate corrective measures were taken. The company also defined other targets related to the accuracy of product deliveries and expiring products, for example.


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