Responsible Care in Algol Chemicals


Algol Chemicals is committed to the chemical industry’s international Responsible Care programme. These are our principals:

1 Legal requirements

Conform with all legal regulations and requirements and should operate in accordance with both government and industry codes of practice and guidance associated with their chemical activities.

We are actively participating in the Industry Associations and other Groups, where legislation related to the correct use of chemicals is followed and best practices are shared. We communicate actively with the local authorities concerning the matters related to our operations.

We use the known and reliable channels to monitor the local legal requirements. We communicate actively within AC to share information on the regulations and standards.

2 Management of risk

Ensure that their activities do not present an unacceptable level of risk to employees, contractors, customers, the public or the environment.

At Algol Chemicals risk is managed through focusing on proper planning, ensuring high quality throughout our operations and supply chain operations and continuously developing our operations with regards to the safety matters.

We follow given guidelines and guidances. We perform safety walks to make safety observations, we report and correct deviations, near misses and accidents not only to avoid accidents in the future but also to find development areas and address root causes. We learn not only from our own, but also others’ experiences.

3 Policies and documentation

Have written documentation which covers their activities and ensure that their health, safety and environmental policies reflect their commitment to A Joint Responsible Distribution/Responsible Care Programme as an integral part of their business strategy.

We operate under ISO 9001 and 14001 approved quality systems, where the demands set by “A Joint Responsible Distribution/Responsible Care Programme” are taken into account. In addition to this we apply Algol Group Code of Conduct policy in all operations.

Our documentation is systematically maintained and updated. We use modern tools for compiling, handling and sharing the documentation.

4 Provision of information

Provide relevant health safety and environmental information on company products and activities to employees, contractors, customers, statutory bodies and the public.

We inform and make information available to all our personnel, partners and customers of all relevant information linked to health and safety information of the products we are handling and marketing. We co-operate actively with authorities to minimize risks associated with handling of chemical products in our operations.

5 Training

Ensure that all employees are aware of their commitment and provide the training necessary to enable them to be involved in the achievement of health, safety and environmental objectives.

The new employees get an orientation training. Training needs of all employees are reviewed annually as a part of the Personal Development discussions. We make annual training plans and keep record of health, safety and environmental related trainings. When new tools and procedures are implemented, guidance and training is provided.

6 Emergency response

Establish and maintain an appropriate emergency response system.

We have established appropriate emergency response planning, where it is required. We organize joint practices with local authorities in order to increase preparedness against accidents in our operations. We are engaged in continuous dialogue with the authorities to minimize the risks for any accidents.

7 Ongoing improvements

Support and participate in those activities which will improve the quality of their own operations and strengthen health, safety and environmental consciousness and awareness.

We have launched several initiatives increasing the focus on safety awareness and safe working culture. We gather statistics on the safety and quality related matters continuously and set ambitious targets together with relevant actions to improve the quality and safety level of our operations.

8 Community interaction

Maintain an awareness of and respond to community concerns which relate to their activities.

We act in close collaboration with authorities and stakeholders on European, national and regional level to ensure full and transparent co-operation. We collaborate also with our local business partners in the matters related to safety and environment.

The Algol Group Code of Business Conduct and a Health, Safety and Environmental policies are published at our corporate website.