New safety walk module added to Granite


A new safety walk module was added to the Algol Group’s Granite risk management system in 2021. The module has been tailored especially to the needs of Algol.

In the new safety walk module, separate safety forms can be selected according to where the safety walk is conducted. Each area has its own specific checklists, which makes it easier to focus on the safety aspects of the area in question.

At the same time, the new module makes it possible to fill in safety walk forms using a mobile device. This enables the results of safety walks to be saved directly in the Granite system.

Safety observations may involve, for example, drawing attention to something blocking an emergency exit, high-risk work methods, a slippery floor or broken equipment. Such observations allow us to address risk factors and introduce best practices throughout the organisation.

The target on the Group level is to have 80% of all Algol employees contribute at least one safety observation to the Granite system. A total of 1686 safety observations were made within the Algol Group in 2021.