How can we move about and transport goods with lower emissions?


Many Algol employees travel each day to provide technical services to our customers. We also travel to meetings with our customers and partners in all our markets, throughout Finland and internationally. The Algol Group uses a total of around 90 vehicles, including production vehicles used for technical visits and company cars.

We rely on environmentally responsible logistics partners to get our products, supplies and raw materials to their destinations with the least possible environmental impact in accordance with the values of both Algol and our customers. We reduce the environmental impact by setting limits for the amount of emissions produced by our vehicles and by optimising the routes and kilometres driven by our employees. We plan our driving and travel arrangements in order to reduce the environmental load caused by traffic.

Our production vehicles are fitted with tracking devices that provide real-time data about our vehicle traffic and assist drivers to plan their journeys and drive economically. The tracking devices are expected to reduce our production vehicle traffic by 10 percent a year.


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