Are you aware of things going on around you?


Within Algol each employee is responsible for recording their observations related to occupational safety and for addressing safety risks. Everyone is encouraged to submit their safety observations using our joint Granite system. If we observe any kind of safety risk in our work, we take the initiative and report it before an accident happens.

Instead of commenting that “Someone really ought to do something about this one day”, we encourage all employees to be proactive and to take responsibility when it comes to safety issues.

Our ambitious target for this year is to have 80 percent of all Algol employees contribute at least one safety observation using our joint safety monitoring system. Safety observations may involve drawing attention to something blocking an emergency exit, high-risk work methods, a slippery floor or broken equipment.

Safety observations help us respond to risk factors and introduce best practices throughout our organisation. The ultimate goal is for each employee to return home safely at the end of each workday.