Algol Group donates to Finnish and global causes this Christmas


As in previous years, the Algol Group will donate to non-profit causes this Christmas instead of sending out cards and gifts. This year the Algol Group is supporting the following Finnish and global causes:

John Nurminen Foundation, Clean Baltic Sea Projects, https://www.johnnurmisensaatio.fi/en/clean-baltic-sea-projects/ 
Finnish Lifeboat Institution, https://meripelastus.fi/ 
Finnish Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund, https://www.redcross.fi/donate-to-redcross 
Folkhälsan, Lucia Collection, https://www.folkhalsan.fi/en/ 
Finnish War Veterans, https://veteraanit.fi/ 
Crisis Management Initiative CMI, http://cmi.fi/ 

“We believe that contributing long-term support to the same organisations is valuable and effective. As a Finnish family enterprise that is active internationally, we have chosen to support both Finnish and global concerns,” says Algol Group CEO Alexander Bargum.

In addition to these Christmas donations, the Algol Group has supported several other organisations and causes this past year, including Arcada University of Applied Sciences, the Oil Spill Response Project of National Defence Volunteers, and the Foundation for Economic Education.


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