Algol further strengthens responsibility work by joining FIBS


Algol has become a member of the responsibility network FIBS ry. The FIBS network includes more than 300 companies and organisations that invest heavily in responsibility. Algol joined FIBS in order to further develop its responsibility work and to network with other members.

“Algol’s short-term and long-term responsibility programme is again the focus of our attention, and membership of FIBS provides us not only with support for this work, but also with an opportunity for our entire organisation to learn more about responsibility work,” says Eija Holmström, Director, HR & Communications & Responsibility, Algol Oy.

Algol has invested in responsibility for several years already. In the field of social responsibility, for example, the company has participated in the “Work Does Not Discriminate” campaign coordinated by the Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK) and the “Responsible Summer Job” campaign, in which Algol came in third place in its first year.

“Responsibility is becoming an increasingly important part of business strategies and practical operations. In addition to social issues, ecological and financial aspects must also be focused on. The responsibility programmes of Group companies should cover not only their own operations but also those of their suppliers and subcontractors,” Holmström emphasises.

Responsibility criteria are increasingly being included in purchasing decisions in the international wholesale trade.

“We should have even more precise information covering the entire supply chain, as our customers are increasingly asking us for this information,” Eija Holmström adds.