Algol enjoys a good consensus within the company


Algol’s business culture survey identifies development targets that could significantly improve the wellbeing of employees. The first development targets that were identified included understanding how to work according to our values and recognising our code of business conduct in all the countries in which we operate. Algol’s values, responsibility, development and cooperation have been communicated through numerous channels, and the results can be clearly seen.

Employee satisfaction at Algol has developed positively in recent years. Employees are satisfied with their work conditions and the framework for performing their jobs, and they do not see any significant shortcomings in terms of leadership, our strategic direction or communications. Algol’s employees have given especially positive feedback about issues related to the good consensus that prevails within the company. Reaching a consensus in a way that satisfies all parties is characteristic of our business culture. Even in the most difficult situations we are able to reach an agreement, and employees have a good understanding of what is the right and wrong way to do things.

Another strength of ours is our long-term planning and way of thinking. Our activities are not dominated by the pursuit of short-term benefits; instead, the long-term effects of decisions regarding the future and our success as a company are always taking into consideration.

Algol has a strong business culture, which provides a strong foundation for supporting the success of our customers and other stakeholders.