Algol mukaan EK:n työ+perhe -kampanjaan: ”Pyrkimyksenämme on edesauttaa työn ja perheen yhteensovittamista”

Press Release 3.5.2019

Algol Oy is taking part in the #workplusfamily campaign of the Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK). The campaign challenges employers to find solutions in their own workplaces that support the compatibility of work and family.

Algol’s HR policy is based on supporting the overall wellbeing of employees in order to help them cope at work and focus on the demands of their jobs. Our aim is to help promote the compatibility of work and family as flexibly as possible. Algol has a positive approach to family leave and paternity leave is also encouraged.

“We have positive experiences with family leave and the reorganising and resourcing it necessitates. Reorganising often offers the chance for employees to try new tasks and develop their professional skills. In addition, family leave gives us the chance to offer jobs to new recruits, who help enrich our work culture and work methods,” says Eija Holmström, Director, HR & Communications & Responsibility.

According to Holmström, the expectations in today’s society that we should be active in various communities also outside of work and the home should be taken into consideration in the workplace. This can be promoted by adopting more flexible practices that vary according to different employees and their needs.

“These days, IT systems make it easier to arrange irregular working hours according to the demands of daycare, schools and holidays, for example. Teleworking opportunities benefit our employees in their everyday lives, as the work they save in having to commute to the workplace can be used more efficiently,” Holmström adds.

More information

Eija Holmström, Director, HR & Communications & Responsibility, Algol Oy, tel. +358 40 828 5496.

More information about the campaign in Finnish: www.ek.fi/tyoplusperhe 

Algol in brief

Algol is a Finnish multi-industry group in the field of trade. We operate responsibly and with 125 years of experience in a broad international network of partners. Our solutions improve the quality and ensure the flow in manufacturing processes. In the healthcare sector, we contribute to the basis for a better life.

The turnover of the Algol Group in 2018 was 178 million euro. We employ some 400 professionals in ten countries. Read more: www.algol.fi/en