Changes in the Diagnostics business of the Algol Group

Algol Diagnostics Oy with its Swedish subsidiary Histolab Products AB is reorganising its business activities. Olof Jenefeldt will continue as the managing director of Histolab Products AB and will report directly to Alexander Bargum, the CEO of the group parent Algol Oy.

Histolab Products AB and its subsidiaries will continue to be a leading provider of solutions to research and clinical laboratories within the field of cell diagnostics in Sweden and a supplier of medtech products to the Swedish healthcare sector. Over the past few years, Histolab Products has strengthened ints position in other Nordic countries and it will continue with that expansion.

Algol Diagnostics Oy and its other subsidiaries will focus on the laboratory market in Finland. In addition, it will specialise in products and services for intensive care units and Point of Care diagnostics in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The new managing director of Algol Diagnostics as of 1 June 2014 is Johan Wulff. He has worked within the Algol Group since 2002. Since January 2012, he has been the managing director of Algol Pharma Oy, another subsidiary of the Algol Group, and he will continue in that position as he assumes his new role in Algol Diagnostics.