The diversity of this job was a positive surprise


Jaakko Rahikainen works as a project engineer for the sales team at Algol Technics. His job involves finding technical solutions to the challenges faced by customers, calculating offers and planning sales layouts. These tasks have offered Jaakko the opportunity to learn lots of new things.
“I graduated from Tampere University of Applied Sciences with an engineering degree in mechanical and production technology. I majored in modern production systems and production economics. In my job as a project engineer I have plenty of new things to learn, especially when it comes to automated logistics solutions,” Rahikainen says.

The job demands listed on the recruitment ads in this rapidly developing sector must seem impossible at times to job applicants.
“I myself had no idea how diverse this job would be, but tackling new projects all the time and finding solutions to all the challenges faced by customers make my work extremely interesting. In terms of technology, I am really excited about learning more about robotics, for example. I’m also interested in sales work and developing sales contents, such as 3D layouts,” Rahikainen adds.

Algol Technics has a growing need for experts in electronics and automation and can offer them a wide range of important projects. Jaakko’s tip for new recruits is to remember that your personality is often just as important as your skills when it comes to qualifications.
“Of course, it’s good to have a strong command of at least some of the skills required for the job, but oftentimes recruiters are looking for a person who is willing to learn and is motivated to develop their skills together with the company. Alongside technical proficiency, social skills and sales expertise are extremely important when it comes to customer service and working with suppliers. It is also important to understand the financial aspects of the solutions offered for all parties concerned,” Jaakko says.