Summer trainee chases the big deal

Name: Henri Isotalo
Position at Algol:
Summer trainee at Algol Technics

How did you get a summer job at Algol?
I am in my fourth year at Aalto University studying mechanical engineering. I was looking for a summer job that would correspond to my education, and I found Algol Technics on the Technology Industries (Teknologiateollisuus) website. I went to the Algol Technics website and was impressed by the company’s customer-focused approach and broad range of activities, so I sent an open application by e-mail. Apparently it worked as I was later invited for an interview. I believe that I was selected because of my educational background, as well as for my prior sales experience and my active and independent approach to work.

What does your job involve?
I sell spare parts for cranes, lifting equipment and and conveyor systems, for example. A typical day involves processing offers and orders that arrive by e-mail and coordinating purchases. Altogether I am responsible for almost 50,000 items. Naturally I also spend a lot of time on the phone with customers.

How does the job support your studies?
The technical drawings and components that I come across in my work are familiar from my studies, which makes it easy to familiarise myself with such a broad selection of products. Even though I have prior experience with sales work and customer service, selling products that are related to my studies helps deepen my expertise in this area. In the future I would like to work with mechanical design and R&D, so it has been really interesting to visit the warehouses and customer locations and learn more about the equipment we are supplying.

How do you enjoy working at Algol, and what kinds of goals do you have for your trainee period?
The best thing about my job is the open and motivating atmosphere. The fact that the managing director stops by to chat in the middle of the day suggests to me that there is no unnecessary hierarchy here and that there is a good team spirit. Before my work period is over I would like to make at least one big deal that would really impact our total sales.

What is a good workday?
A good workday has a suitable amount of challenges and work. A variety and diversity of tasks encourages one to develop. When you have to challenge yourself each day, you never get bored!