Crane inspector carries a big responsibility

Name: Tomi Miettinen
Job at Algol: Crane inspector at Algol Technics
Started work at Algol: 2011

What does your work involve?
I carry out inspections of industrial cranes of all sizes and brands. Whenever a new crane is installed, it must be inspected and the ones in use must be inspected annually.

Who is your typical customer?
A typical customer is a production manager or maintenance manager of an industrial company. In smaller companies I often deal directly with the owner. The most common type of crane I come across with is a 5- to 40-tonne overhead crane used at a metal or concrete industry company.

What are the most typical faults that you find as a crane inspector?
The most typical faults usually involve damage and wear to the wire ropes caused by operating the crane incorrectly. For example, these faults can be caused by lifting at angles or overloading.

You have over ten years of work experience in maintaining cranes. Do you still encounter surprises?
Sure, I come across surprises once in a while. Inspections are carried out to ensure that the cranes are operated safely. Most cranes are used and maintained properly but unfortunately there are exceptions too.

What was your most recent assignment?
I carried out a routine inspection of twenty overhead cranes. Since the inspections are made on the customer’s premises, I get to know the customers well and it is easy to get along. After the inspections I provide customers with comprehensive reports with photographs, so that work is carefully documented.

What is a great day at work like?
It feels good to go home knowing that you have done everything that had to be done.