Finnish feed industry offers international opportunities


Wendla Leino is responsible for developing the Feed&Agro product portfolio of Algol Chemicals in Finland:
“Our main customers are big companies within the feed industry. The feed industry plays an important role in food safety, and our job is to ensure that we offer the best products and solutions to our customers,” Leino explains.


An important part of Leino’s job as Sales Manager is to follow trends in the global feed markets and negotiate agreements with suppliers.
“Responding to customer needs and finding the optimal solution involves close teamwork with the customer, in which case introducing a successful concept means much more to both parties than just a good deal. As Sales Manager I play an important part in clarifying and communicating the customer’s wishes to our suppliers and finding the best solutions for different situations. Of course, sometimes it happens that the global situation changes all of a sudden and affects the availability of certain products, for example. My work demands the ability to react to these changes as projects may change or be delayed. The ability to see the big picture and manage numerous overlapping projects is important,” Leino says, describing his work.

What kinds of skills support the success of your work?

“My main task is to understand the needs of the customer and to respond to these needs, so awareness of the unique characteristics of Finnish livestock production helps fit all the pieces together. A basic understanding of animal nutrition also helps. I have a Master’s degree in agriculture and forestry from the University of Helsinki, where I majored in animal nutrition and minored in marketing. While studying I worked for several years in product development within the feed industry, where I also acquired practical skills in marketing and sales. This is also a very international job, so good language skills and the courage to communicate in foreign languages are also required,” Leino adds.



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