Worldwide partner network

The multi-branch Algol Group has been active in international trade since 1894. The Group comprises six business units (Algol Chemicals, Algol Diagnostics, Algol Technics, Algol Trehab, Histolab Products and Suomen Unipol) that import and sell thousands of different products for industry and the healthcare sector. The Algol Group has a global network of partners and is present in eleven different countries.

Success is built on co-operation

Algol is a Finnish family-owned business that combines experience and expertise with new opportunities and systematic development. Algol’s business operations are based on the customer and supplying individual solutions. These may include a product, a system, specific work or a comprehensive service agreement. Algol’s solutions for industry are designed to safeguard manufacturing reliability, enhance processes and prolong the lifespan of machinery and equipment. In the healthcare sector Algol’s solutions promote the conditions for healthy living.

The Algol Group has annual net sales of 178 million euros. The Algol Group employs nearly 500 experts in the areas of sales, product and service solutions, project deliveries, marketing, and technical service and maintenance.