Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

The key aspects of social responsibility within the Algol Group are the wellbeing of employees, the development of employees, and a motivating and safe work environment. We emphasise the continuous development of expertise and the wellbeing of our employees in order to ensure our future success. We also ensure that our work environment is healthy and safe.

Wellbeing of employees

The Algol Group cares for the health of its employees through statutory occupational health services and comprehensive health insurance, which ensures fast and easy access for employees to healthcare and specialty medical services.

We ensure that our premises, machinery and equipment are safe and suitable. We implement the appropriate plans and guidelines to prevent accidents and emergency situations.

The Algol Group has an early intervention model in place that establishes a clear set of rules for situations in which an employee is either on long-term or frequent sick leave. The model provides clear guidelines for managers in order to ensure fair and equal treatment. The model also aims to make it easier for employees on long-term sick leave to return to work and to ensure that steps are taken in the workplace to promote the ability to work.

Development of employees

The right kind of expertise plays a key role in the implementation of the Algol Group’s strategy. The Algol Academy coordinates and offers a wide range of training events to support the continuous development of employees.

The development needs of employees are evaluated annually by means of development discussions and development plans. Development discussions and scorecards, as well as various other target discussions, play a vital role in terms of strategic management. They help transfer targets and projects to the personal level, and they also help ensure the commitment of employees to implementing the organisation’s vision and strategy.

Employee satisfaction surveys are carried out within the Algol Group approximately once every year and a half. Based on the results of these surveys, areas that require further development are identified and measures defined on both the Group and business level.

A motivating and safe work environment/working conditions

Algol develops and updates its operating methods, values the members of its work community and supports the development of operations by means of open and active interaction. Part of this corporate culture and operating model includes the equal treatment of all employees. This means that Algol maintains and promotes equality and fair treatment regardless of age, gender, religion, birthplace, political views or social standing. Our work environment does not approve of or permit any form of bullying or harassment.

We apply practices and take measures in our operations that help us minimise the number of injuries and accidents, as well as their consequences. We actively develop ways to improve working conditions and the work environment. The aim of our occupational safety measures is to maintain and promote working ability, ensure health and safety, eliminate hazards and prevent injury to employees.

The Algol Group has committed to improving and developing occupational safety by joining the Zero Accident Forum (Nolla tapaturmaa –foorumi), which brings together workplaces and companies committed to improving occupational safety. To ensure a safe and healthy work environment, we carry out safety inspections at least 4 times a year at all our locations, and any incidents or near misses are reported.